About the artist

Tanzina Amin

I am a Bangladesh-born Canadian artist, living in Toronto. Art is my passion, my hobby, my retreat from the demands of everyday life. Art has always been a fascination for me as I was growing up in the busy, culturally rich city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I love bright colours and am inspired by the vast beauty of nature.

As a teenager, I used to sketch portraits from photographs, though I had no formal training at that point. Eventually I took formal drawing and oil painting lessons under a local renowned artist Syful Islam. That is when I discovered my passion for oil painting, and still prefer oil on canvas to any other medium. I have worked in various other media including charcoal, acrylics, water colour, pen and ink and mixed media, but oil is always my favourite!

As life got too busy with education, work and family, sadly there was no more time for art for a number of years. Finally I went back to my passion after a 24 year long break. As I started painting again, it felt as if I had never stopped. I took further art courses under Gareth Bate and Constantine Zottas to broaden my skills. My earlier works were geared towards realistic paintings, and now I am more inclined towards abstract expressionism, using bold colours and textures.

In addition to painting, I also offer art lessons and workshops, both traditional and non-traditional. I am also open to privately organized paint parties or group art lessons within the GTA.

I hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to create a custom painting for you, or if you are interested in lessons or workshops.




Its like you captured the 'Big Bang' ... a beautifull begining