About the artist

Shellyann Siddoo


Shellyann Siddoo is a blind Toronto based artist who is inspiring others through her mesmerizing pieces of art. At the tender age of twenty-four, Shellyann lost her eyesight and the use of most of her hands during an accident at work. She believes that she was blessed with the opportunity to "see" our world in a new way; from her heart. Shellyann started painting five years ago when a friend asked her if she can do anything out of the ordinary, what would it be? To her friend's surprise, Shellyann replied, " I want use the canvas as a medium where I can express myself." Keep in mind, Shellyann never painted before accident. She knew it would be difficult but took on the challenge anyways. In 2010, Shellyann began her journey painting with her knuckles and then spent countless hours learning and developing her painting techniques. Despite what has happened to Shellyann, she has chosen to live life and make the most out of every moment she's blessed to be apart of this magical world. Her paintings are filled with bright vibrant colours which brightens up any room. Shellyann believes everything is possible once you set your heart and mind too it. With practice, dedication, love and compassion, Shellyann is now inspiring others through her mesmerizing works of art which is hung in rooms globally and through her spoken words as an Inspirational Speaker. As an Inspirational Speaker, Shellyann has spoken about her artwork on a global platform; TEDX. She also appeared on Extraordinary Women TV with host Shannon Skinner and shared the stage with many high profile Speakers.