About the artist

Nicole Laville

My inspiration stems from the beauty and strength of Mother Nature, the female form and experience and the workings of the mind. My artwork aims to deconstruct dualist views by bringing together opposing concepts of soft and whimsical shapes and forms, layered with bold and sharp coloration. I begin and end each piece on the ground; working in a layering process to create patterns which reoccur throughout my art. I start by using colors and shapes where each session brings forth a new inspiration. I sometimes have an urge to fill up every blank space, whilst sometimes emptiness is most soothing.

My aim is not to recreate reality; instead I am concerned with the vision of the brain, the feel of each stroke and the places in which art takes me. I aspire to inspire through my art, to transfer the energy I have instilled in my work to others and to challenge the world to see beauty in the unexpected.