About the artist

Maksym Gordiyenko

Maksym Gordiyenko is a visual artist from Ukraine whose work primarily explores themes of emotions of experiencing the landscape and seascape paintings. He has a unique technique when it comes to landscape and seascape art.  He is able to use his brush strokes to transport you into how he was feeling when he painted the picture. Having recently graduated from the Visual and Digital Arts program at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, he is currently operating from his home-based studio in Mississauga. During his time at Humber Maksym received extensive training in drawing, as well as in various digital applications including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Corel Painter. Before Humber Maksym took few one-on-one lessons with Ukrainian artist Nataliya Yatel. Now when he flies to Ukraine he works with famous Ukrainian artist Alexander Andreev in his studio. Experience of working with different artists largely influenced the nature of his current artworks. During 2 years in Humber he took part in several student exhibitions (“Quartered”,”Art and the City”, “Headspace”, “This is not an Expo”, “THE MERGER”) as well as in one gallery exhibition - PaparArtzy: Discover, Explore, Define. Since the “Headspace” exhibition he has  become one of Paparartzy’s top selling artists.  Also he was chosen to design the poster and invitations for the graduation show. At the moment he is developing a new style in which he works not only with oil on canvas but also with clay, creating a 3D surface on regular canvas.

Please check his website or instagram for more recent works.